BenefitsMyMapPlan integrates the latest web, social media, networking, video sharing and messaging platforms available. With MyMapPlan, parents are one step closer to keeping students motivated by closing the gap between students, teachers, school counselors, college administrators and career tech counselors.

For parents that provide home schooling, MyMapPlan provides an easy way to track your student’s curriculum progress throughout his or her high school career, while assisting in the career development process.

Price: $15 - One time Lifetime Membership Fee


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How It Works

How It Works

  •  Create an account
  •  Keep track of your student's curriculum and progress
  •  Match your student's personality type to corresponding jobs, or if your student already knows the career that they want to pursue, “Search Careers.”
  •  Find the colleges or vocational schools in the state of interest that offer the programs/degrees needed to attain your teen’s career goal
  •  Correspond with colleges and vocational programs about their program offerings


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