MyMapPlan Tutorial

MyMapPlan Tutorial

Dashboard Tab

Keep track of your progress and your employment ratings. The information provided by you, in your Dashboard is for your personal growth and will at no time be viewed by any of our sponsors. You may choose to share this information at your own discretion.

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  • Promo Code: Your unique code for any promotions and prizes we may offer.

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  • Sent Request: Request for information from higher learning institutions. Tracks the date request was sent out and if they were accepted.

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  • Career Points: Total score of your career history based on the information provided in the questionnaire. Update annually or when whenever necessary.

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  • Performance Grade: Total score of your performance during a rated a 1 year work cycle. Once rating is completed, one year must transpire in order to receive another rating. Ensure that you discuss your results with your supervisor after you have been rated. The speedometer can only be viewed by the person that owns the account.

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My Employee Profile

Your Employee Profile is your professional career page that can be viewed by employers, talent agencies and higher learning institutions. This information that is provided is a direct reflection of your career history, from the information provided by you.

My Employee Profile

  • Employment status: Information on your profile page; Ready for Hire, Just Looking, Employed, 30 days to transition, 60 days to transition and 90 days to transition.
  • Career Field: Information on your profile page in the Industries dropdown tab. Click on the Industry that pertains to your current work position.
  • Position: Your current position from the Resume Builder provided by you.
  • Resume: This is a non-targeted resume of your current employment history. The year that your resume was last updated. Your resume should be updated periodically, to match your current work history, which should include all training and experience.
  • Experience: points based on your career history
  • Recommendations: You can receive recommendations from your supervisor during your rating period. Be sure to upload any recommendation letters from your previous employers to your list of documents.
  • Military Status: Information for this field is provided from your initial signup. This information needs to be updated to match your current military status. Click Yes or No in the Profile tab under the Edit box.
  • Veteran Status: Are you currently a veteran? This information reflects your current status during your initial signup. You may edit this information to reflect your current status under the Profile Tab. Edit when necessary.
  • Willing to Relocate: Type in the City and State you will be willing to work in. You may also type “Open” if you are willing to take a position anywhere in the US. This information is found under the Resume Builder tab under Desired Location.

Direct connect with employers

  • Send and receive messages to email and cellular device.
  • Overview of partnered employer (click logo).
  • Link to employers job board.

Resume Builder

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Build your non-targeted resume of your current work history. Talent agencies and employers can access your resume quickly.

Sent Requests

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Keep track of your Sent Request of information from higher learning institutions.


Your personal profile page and information about you.

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  • Your address and phone number
  • Personality Type: Myers-Briggs code and explanation.
  • Additional Info: Information you wrote about yourself during your sign up.
  • Hobbies and Interest: Information you provided during your sign up from the dropdown menu.

Profile feature may be edited to match current status and career history

 MOS Code
  • Upon initial sign up, users may enter their Military Occupational Classification code, to query civilian job title match.


  • Users may plan their transition and IDP further out from their transition date by staying focused and knowing their job match through the O-net API.


  • This feature also allows Skills Bridge partners through the local installation Career Skills Program to search candidates based on MOC and title.


  • Partnered employers may also query veterans for direct hire opportunities and may receive help from WIOA partnerships.


  • Transition date helps partnered employers to take advantage of tax credits through WOTC and VOW Act.


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This feature keeps track of your messages. You may also reply to and compose messages in this tab.


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Upload your important documents that may be provided on demand to help negotiate your pay and position to a future employer.


This Jobs search tab is a link to the vets.gov database of job openings to employers that are eager to hire veterans and their family members.

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