Dashboard Rating System Explainer
Dashboard Rating System Explainer

Dashboard Rating System Explainer

Earning a great career or landing that perfect job takes more than just education, training and experience. The career field is very competitive, when you consider that you are not the only person applying for a job in a company with only a few openings.

Today’s career market differs in many ways from the career market of yesterday. For example more than two decades ago the tech industry was in its early growth stage. The only way a person was able to land a tech job was based on their knowledge and experience from building a computer in their garage (varied by experience), since there were very few colleges at the time that gave technical degrees in the tech fields. It became progressively easier to earn a degree and fill critical positions that were rapidly growing because of the expanding internet and development of web based IT programs.

In an Article dated October 14, 2015 on street.com  the tech industry is currently worth $4 Trillion since the 1990s tech boom. This trend of growth is going to continue with investors pumping cash into these performing tech companies. This is very great news for those who are looking for a career in technology.

Although this news of job creation is good, it isn’t as easy as it seems to land a tech job. Employers are continuously advertising job openings on career websites. They spend hundreds of dollars to advertise an open position. During the employee prospecting process, there are thousands of applications that are not even considered.

This is frustrating and discouraging for job seekers who spend hours updating their resume, writing cover letters and filling out applications online.

At MyMapPlan we are changing the way employers prospect to fill positions. We believe technology has made the market ripe for a better and simpler way for employers to fill their open positions. Employees and career seekers are also at an advantage with today’s technology. Our Platform will help bridge both employers and career seekers in a professional manner. Our members use a point system that tracks their career history, performance and training, which enhances an employer’s ability to find the right person to fill their open positions.

We designed a grading system that starts at the high school level. Students are graded by their parent, high school counselor, clergy, probation officer or any professional familiar with their character and accomplishments.

MyMapPlan also allows employees to be rated by their supervisors in order to grade their performance. These performance reports are non-binding and only for the MyMapPlan member’s own use on our website. With MyMapPlan you may earn points for all your work history and performance throughout high school and your career. The more points you earn from your work history and ratings, the better your chances for job scouts and employers to consider you.

To get started on your own career path and to research a career that fits you click here.

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